Slippies BOOTS Classic Red, 1-size (37-41)

Slippies BOOTS Classic Red, 1-size (37-41)

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Κωδικός Προϊόντος: Warm Slippers
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WARMING - SOOTHING - RELAXING - CALMING The new generation of microwaveable foot warmers - filled with a 100% natural mixture of millet and lavender, especially developed for use in microwave oven. Just like a private hot footbath – to be enjoyed in bed or on the couch. Warm-up for app. 90 seconds in the microwave, and the SLIPPIES BOOTS will keep your feet warm for several hours. The new way of supporting circulation! Ideal for relaxation and as sleeping-aid! Thermo-Slippies-Boots - THE ORIGINAL: "Never again cold feet" & "Wellness at home". A high-quality gift. Also perfect for every comfortable resting position: while reading, watching television or relaxing on the couch! The whole foot is warmed and blood supply is increased. Tired feet can relax, and the innovative thermo-slippers have the effect of a stimulating thermo-massage. 1-size: 7-11 (37-42) SLIPPIES BOOTS - THE ORIGINAL: Production complies with the highest European quality and security standards: EN 71-1/2/3. - 100% microwaveable: Warm-up in microwave at max. 800 watt for 90 seconds – stays warm for up to 2 hours. - Afterwards the product does not cool down at the feet, but remains at body temperature - Heatable also in (electric) oven: place on a plate at the bottom level of the oven at app. 100 degrees for about 10 min. - Filling made of 100% natural products: Mixture of linseed and lavender - Mint has a calming and relaxing effect - The perfect alternative to classical hot-water-bottles or electric footwarmers! - After every microwave use the product is fungus-free and sterile - IDEAL for cold and tired feet


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