Original Ed Hardy Diaper Cake

Άνευ ΦΠΑ: 76,00€
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: WBDKE117
Διαθεσιμότητα: 1

55 diaper (panes)/ 4-9 kg size diapers 
Three Layer cake
1 Ed Hardy original Feeding set (feeding bottle, pacifier, Bib)
1 Baby Girl Cover
1 Djou Djou Organic Rattan Toy
1 Organic Overall Body Suit
1 Leg warmer
1 Petti shoes

The "cake made from diapers" to suggest:
-For a gift to the newborn nursery,
a cake to go with the essentials for the first days of care at home.
- For gifts to baby at home that has sarantisei,
a diaper cake decorated with useful baby items.
- For a holiday gift and first or second birthday,
a cake made of diapers decorated with toys, kornizoules, baby cosmetics, etc.
- For a christening gift or christening decoration
a stand for favors or to place lollipops or candies for the little guests.
- For the gift godfather at the baptism after shampooing and xeladoma neovaptistou the child,
a cake decorated with the appropriate bathing, shampoo, sponge, comb, esoformakia, pajamas, etc.

What should be careful buying from diaper cake?

The design of the diaper cake was first initiated in early 2000 in America and because of the economic value of striking appearance and the fact that it contains useful products such as cosmetics, clothing and toys managed to spread around the world.

But many make diaper cakes from their home for an extra income from home. The diapers but to be suitable for use should the cake be made in an environment that meets all the conditions of hygiene and even better would be the preparation of the cake to wear gloves, otherwise the diapers will have only a decorative role.

The products selected to be placed on diaper cakes such as cosmetics, clothing and toys should be chosen carefully so that they are suitable for the health of mother and baby.

Why are preferred diaper cakes from the Welcome Baby?

The diaper cakes from the Welcome Baby prepared in our laboratory following all hygiene requirements. All products placed in it is organic and suitable for the health of mother and baby. All our designs are unique, ie the one you choose is unique and unique gift ... something that is made especially for you.

The diaper cakes from the Welcome Baby tailored according to your preferences, or the products you choose from our store (blanket, clothing, cosmetics, toys, etc.) or brands by well-known brands (burberry, DKNY etc). The products you choose can be installed in a special gift basket.

Special orders such as diaper cakes by special gift baskets and delivered after one day.

Orders delivered outside Athens after 2-3 days from day of order. If the order made on Friday or Saturday deliver will place onTuesday.

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